Guidelines for placing order

To place an order, simply send us a purchase voucher with the quote number and the list of work-pieces, including their thickness and quantities.

Your drawings must be submitted in .DXF format at a 1:1 scale in imperial units free of measurements and hidden or frozen layers, otherwise you will be charged extra for editing of drawings. See below for sample drawing.

The name of your .DXF file must correspond identically to the name of the item mentioned in the quote and must be a maximum of 20 characters.

Processing time

Orders are usually processed the same day when received before 4 pm and all documents, drawings included, are in our hands. When an order includes bending, it is important to provide us clear drawings with bend lines, radius and directions of bend, as shown below.

Note: Processing of your request may be delayed if you need a quote for work other than cutting, or if you have not properly stated exterior dimensions of the piece and holes regardless of their shape, be they round or rectangular. All measurements must be clearly marked in imperial units.