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Métaltek Laser Inc. wins big

january 4, 2012

Located in Bécancour, Métaltek Laser is owned by brothers Sylvain and François Vouligny. Their team specializes in high definition laser cutting of sheet metal with precision guaranteed Mitsubishi equipment you will not find elsewhere in Eastern Canada. The team also transforms pieces into finished and semi-finished products of superior quality, as well as (CNC) bending of metal. A unique automated system has been set up to increase productivity. Métaltek also owns equipment that is able to cut various grades of steel and offers several types of cuts, including plasma cutting and Oxy-fuel cutting. Prompt customer service ensures that Métaltek meets the needs of over 350 customers across Eastern Canada. Also, recycling is second nature for Sylvain and François, who are quick to use scrap pieces to cleverly embellish administrative offices.

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